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Lady A Guestbook Dec 14

Lady A Guestbook Dec 14

We have a Guestbook onboard Lady A and the following are just some of the reviews and comments left by our customers. All comments are genuine extracts from this Guestbook, or have been sent to us by email. If you still aren’t convinced then check out our Trip Advisor reviews too!

Had a lovely time, thanks so much! Thanks for an amazing trip! xxx

- Adriana Concin, 26th August 2013

One of our favourite activities since arriving in the UK. Fantastic.

- Seehagels from Alberta Canada, 30th September 2013

Had a fab time, thanks so much, Mike. Even with the thunder!

- The Gins, 27th July 2013

Dearest Mike the canal man, thank you for a wonderful cruise along the Regents Canal, especially for the light at the end of the tunnel. That we deep literally. Thanks so much

- Amelia and gang, 25th May 2013

Thank you for the most quintessential London day. Boat ride on the canal through the park - fabulous!

- Inkeri, Jon and Emily Hibbins, Maida Vale 4th January 2014

Amazing day for my hen party - could not have asked for a better day. Complete bliss!!

- Sophie Dahon and my girls, 8th June 2013

Thanks -

- Emillie, Eva, Stefan from Sweden, 21st March 2014

Really wonderful surprise today. Thank you.

- Lit, 18th August 2013

Wonderful, Brilliant way to celebrate my 50th birthday!

- Stephen Benyunes, 16th August 2013

Massive thanks for a wonderful way of spending a day.

xx Cerys Matthews and family

- Cerys Matthews, 11th April 2014

Thank you for a very interesting journey We enjoyed it very much.

- Tracy, Doris, Doris, Irena, CH. 22nd November 2013

You are a true legend, we had a wonderful time on your boat, thank you so much.

- Sam Peck, 27th July 2013

Make sure you ask Mike for history on the way! He's loaded with it! Thanks.

- Catherine, 1st March 2014

Just wanted to say a quick thank you from all of us for the superb time we had yesterday afternoon. The trip and the food were excellent, and we loved waving to the other boats and passers by on the towpath.

- Susan and family, August 2013

Lovely stuff. x

- Becky, 21st September 2013

Thanks a lot it was so nice!

- Joachim and Daniela, 16th March 2014

Thanks for a lovely trip. Weather is awesome!

- Andrea Morra, Kelly Lang, Ben, Jordan and Eli Lang, 14th March 2014

Michael! Thank you so much for stopping to rescue us!

- Michael Guest and Gabriella Capezzi, 9th March 2013

Great way to start the hen party. Fabulous journey - relaxed. Thanks.

- Lara Panesar & Hens, 17th August 2013

Great trip and tour guide! Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

- Darren and Jenny, 16th March 2014

Great trip, relaxing and fun.

- Capt. Creily, 26th April 2014

Marvellous!!! Brilliant experience.... The Squires.

- Jo, Si and Harrys Birthday, 21st September 2013

Absolutely lovely thank you.

- Joanna I, 12th April 2014

Great time.

- Simeon, 12th April 2014

Amazing, thank you!!!

- Tamara Call, Kristen Call, John Kotsimbus

A fantastic trip, very informative with so many beautiful sights on the way.

- The Paveg family, 28th August 2013

We had a lovely afternoon, thank you!

- Katie, 22nd September 2013

Lovely boat, had a wonderful time! Thank you very much.

- Veronica, 5th April 2014

Really lovely - thank you so much. xxx

- The Dame Penelope Birthday Party, 18th June 2013

Wow something new to try. Really enjoyable.

- Hopkins Family, 29th December 2013

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and the commentary was excellent. We were very impressed by Mike, the Captain!! Thank you!

- John and Tricia Holt, Nottingham, 4th January 2014

Fasntastic, thanks so much Mike!

- Kendall Pickett, Floyd and Lois Widerman. Palm Beach, FL, 10th September 2013

A superb trip. Will certainly do it again.

- Watson Family, 3rd September 2013

Amazing! Loved it all! Mike was very patient!

- Exodus Crew II, 22nd August 2013

Excellent, thank you

- Colin, Paul, Ancia, Bronte and Emily, 16th March 2014

Big up Mike, Top Sailing!!

- James, 21st September 2013

We couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. Thank you.

- Brooke Smith, 24th July 2013

Thank you!

- George, Austin, Ale, ยง6th March 2014

You made a special day even more special for Sonya, Thank you for your hospitality and sharing your knowledge of London with us!

- Sonya & John, 19th November 2013

We've had a fantastic time! Aaaarrrr!! Thanks for all the info along the lovely cruise! We had had a tremendous time! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

- Captain Jo's Pirate Hen Do, 8th March 2014

Fabulous birthday treat. Mike was so knowledgeable and welcoming.

- The Robinson Family, 24th April 2014

Wonderful day. Best birthday ever! Thank you.

- Caroline, 12th September 2013

Great afternoon. Had the best time lovely and relaxing. Definitely do it again.

- Finn Dowling, 17th August 2013

Great night Mike, Thanks for your hospitality. Great to see London from the water.

- Brendons 40th from Ireland, 7th September 2013

Emilys Hen - wonderful day full of fun.

- Mary 1st March 2014

Thank you for a wonderful trip!

- Stephanie Seemholt, 19th November 2013

Excellent - went over and above expectations, recommended! x

- Dawn, 7th July 2013

What wonderful way to spend a 43rd birthday! A greta experience - we will be back!

- Rachel and Steve Edmed, 10th July 2013

Beautiful views. A totally different London.

- Interactive Consulting & Events, 29th Aug 2013

Thanks and amazing trip!

- Mary and Umar from S. Wales, 14th March 2014

Great wee trip.

- Stewart and Catherine, 22nd November 2013

Many thanks for this private cruse and your kindness. A trip to remember...

- Helen and Chloe from France, 28th April 2013

Thanks, Lovely trip.

- Celia & Bob, Richard & Ann 1st March 2014

This is a fantastic night out, very much appreciated to catering us! Its a unique perspective of London. Thanks for my 35th!

- Hon, Chi, Bryan, Jon, Raa, Hayley, Ian, Rat, Karim, 17th August 2013

Fantastic day on a fantastic boat with a fantastic captain!!

- Erik, Dunn, Pia and Lars from Sweden, 10th March 2013

Thanks for having us! Laptops series 19.

- Jon Bentley, The Gadget Show, 25th March 2014

A wonderful trip. So glad we found you, Mike.

- Jacqui, Shrewsbury, 9th March 2014

Tnank you so much for a lovely evening. XXX

- Ria Marsh, 17th August 2013

Awesome, Breathtaking. Mike is the master!

- David and Family, 31st October 2013

Great Amazing lovely trip. Thank you.

- Micahel A Bader, 15th March 2014

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour! Lots of love.

- Exodus Crew, 20th August 2013

Mike its been emotional and a pleasure! We've had a great time and would highly recommend for birthday fun! Thanks.

- Gayle's Birthday Crew, 5th May 2013

love the boat ๐Ÿ™‚

- Natalie, 21st September 2013

Merci beaucoup pour ce petit voyage! C'etait merveilleux!!

- Le Parisiens, 28th March 2014