Happy Birthday Jason’s Trip

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Jason's Trip, Little Venice

Whenever you take a trip through Little Venice you are sure to see Jason, a wonderful old narrowboat built in 1904 as a horse drawn boat but long since fitted with a diesel engine and carrying passengers as cargo.

Jasons Trip, Little Venice

Jasons Trip, Little Venice

Jason has operated as a passenger boat from Little Venice to Camden since 1951 and so this year is celebrating its 60th anniversary.  For the last three years I have been lucky enough to be one of Jason’s skippers standing in the shoes of so many before me as by very rough calculation, since 1951 Jason has done the round trip journey from Little Venice to Camden and back some 35,000 times!!!

I’m sure there will be more press coverage, but here’s a start from today’s Westminster Chronicle: Narrowboat Company Marks Milestone and a link to Jasons Website.

If anyone plans a last minute visit to Jason you need to be quick as this is the last weekend of operation until next season, but if you make it on Friday do say hello… it will be me steering!