Sabzeh floating on the Regent's Canal

The mystery of the sprouting shoots in the Regent’s Canal

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Happy Nowruz! Who has spotted a whole load of pots of green sprouting plants floating around in the canals of Little Venice? There’s already a few in the water today and they’re not even due yet, as these are part of the celebrations of the Persian New Year, Nowruz. This takes place on the 21st […]

Kings land Road on Lady A in Little Venice

Kingsland Road

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Celebrity alert on Lady A! On a lovely sunny Saturday in February it was great to welcome the band Kingsland Road onboard Lady A for a canal cruise. I’m perhaps not their target audience, and must admit that I’d never heard of them until we met, but their fans seemed to enjoy the day and […]

The Great Storm!

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We survived relatively unscathed here in Little Venice. The strongest winds since 1986 were forecast on the early morning of 28th October 2013 and sure enough they came! I left Lady A as securely moored as possible and returned the next morning to find everything was fine. A few of our neighbours had a little […]