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Our website was corrupted all week

April 14th 2014

Our website was corrupted all week

Corrupted website on Google

Sorry to everyone who was trying to check our website last week, but the gremlins got in and I had to take it offline a couple of times. I have been hosting the site on my own web server which hackers found their way into and made a tiny sneaky change which allowed our website to continue normally but google’s search engine discovered a hidden page. In fact the hacker actually stole one of our pages to run on a totally different website and replaced my words with adverts for online pharmacy, which of course caused mayhem in Google – we suddenly appeared to be advertising drugs instead of canal cruises! After solving this we then discovered another bug which forced Google to see yet another fake web page and the search results all became confused and corrupted again.

As a result of losing our place in Google last week we lost lots of business, so if you’re at all concerned about what you saw on Google last week please be assured that I’ve moved the website to a totally new and independent server, which above all is now running on the most secure platform possible, provided by Amazon Web Services.

Moving a website in a hurry always leads to the occasional unexpected result as I had to kill the old web server off to stop Google finding it, but now I believe everything has calmed down again.

And so with the spring weather taking a turn for the better, there’s no better time to book a boat trip on London’s lovely Regent’s Canal with us.

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